Voney Art Studio

Update on the new Voney Studio

Bit by bit they are taking the old studio apart in preparation for the re-modeling and additions to the art studio at Principia College. So far they have removed the additions that were added over the past 25 years. The majority of the building will remain on the same footprint with a new layout and use of space. Everything goes except the roof!

ARTS 170 Graphic Design I

Graphic Design I designs vintage travel posters

ARTS 170 Graphic Design I Spring 2016 completed in one class period their vintage travel posters. The images were modified and enhanced first in Photoshop and then traced in Illustrator. Text added and bingo — a poster created. Enjoy the results.




Senior Class 2016

Senior Art Majors – Opening Night 2016

On April 22nd the place to be was at the Radford Gallery for the opening of the art major senior exhibition of 2016. Seven graduating seniors exhibited works—all very recently created and showed an excellent diversity in approaches and mediums. Work ranged from fabric/fashion to photography to web design to printmaking to imagery encased in resin all alongside large scale works in oil next to small scale illustrated typography. A truly diverse body of work. Congratulations to our graduating seniors of 2016 and thank you for all your hard work in organizing and presenting a wonderful opening night of your work.

Voney Art Studio

26 Days – Moving to Morey

In 26 days the entire contents of Voney Studios will be moved to our new temporary location—Morey Field House. We will be in Morey for one year while Voney is completely re-built with some parts of the existing building torn off and new parts added. The majority of the building will be gutted and re-conditioned with new windows, doors, flooring—a completely new layout and design for the space. There will be offices for 6 faculty. There will be a classroom for Art History—something brand new for the program. The new building will contain a large gallery, a 3D studio, a woodworking shop, a large classroom studio for seniors and open the current spaces that contain faculty offices to a public hallway that will overlook the Mississippi River. Lots to do…time to get back to packing.


Students and faculty gathered for a a dinner at the picnic grounds—home of Duncan and Jane Martin—high above the Mississippi River on the bluffs for a picnic dinner. A warm breeze kept the ghosts in the trees moving and kept the fires glowing. Hot dogs, soup, chips and bread followed with cupcakes and smores. A great evening with a crescent moon looking over it all.

Senior Class 2014

Senior Class 2014

The senior art majors presented their work to the community this past Friday night. Radford galleries were packed with people all checking out the work and talking with the artists. There was food, music and a good time for all.